Guest Editorial: Salute to An Unsung Hero

By Councilwoman Betty Janik

After thirty years of service, Greg Bestgen, Human Services Director, recently retired from the City of Scottsdale.  He is leaving behind a legacy of compassion toward the less fortunate.

Greg changed the way our city interacts with individuals in need. During his tenure, he established a robust outreach program for the homeless.  He paired with faith-based communities to provide wrap-around services. He championed bridge housing that keeps families off the streets when they need temporary shelter. He was a strong advocate for the COS Brick by Brick program offering employment to the unemployed.  He oversaw our Senior Centers, Community Centers, and Youth and Family Services with the support of a dedicated staff. Through his example, he elevated the conversation on homelessness and ushered in an empathetic viewpoint to the unhoused who most of us don’t want to see. He celebrated their successes and never lost hope in a brighter future for them. His warmth and kindness will be missed.

City of Scottsdale Homelessness Programs

The area of focus is to gather and present the following information to potential clients who are ready to receive information and act upon it in a concerted fashion:

  • Coordinated entry points
  • Public and private subsidized housing programs
  • Faith based and other shelter programs
  • Permanent supportive housing – Housing programs specific to those with mental health and/or substance abuse disorders
  • Rapid rehousing

COS has partnered with organizations to provide programs and services for the homeless.  Current City efforts:

  • Day relief centers
  • Outreach and navigation
  • Emergency bridge housing
  • Scottsdale work program

For more information:

Happy Holidays! I wish you peace and joy in 2024.




Scottsdale Councilwoman Betty Janik