Councilwoman Betty Janik Announces She Will Not Run for Re-election

Dear Scottsdale Resident,

I will not be running for a second term on Scottsdale City Council. Time waits for no one.  At this stage in my life, I want to spend more time with family and friends.  I also believe it is time for older baby boomers, such as myself, to yield governance to younger people.  Future development, sustainability, and homelessness in Scottsdale are but a few of our daunting challenges. The energy and creativity of younger people will be an asset in solving these societal issues.

With one more year to go, I will continue to diligently study each issue that comes before Council. I will continue to listen to the collective wisdom of our citizens, all of them, in making decisions. I will continue to build consensus and find compromise. Progress is stunted when elected officials are locked into extreme left or right positions, and not open to compromise. I will continue to work from the middle.

I applaud our citizens as they put words into action, striving for the best possible Scottsdale.  It is an honor to represent you.


With Respect,

Councilwoman Betty Janik