Everybody's a Little Gay

We dislike politicians because we think they’re hypocritical. We think they’re takers and that there is always a hidden motive behind their actions.
But what is the motive behind fighting against equality and then being serviced in a public bathroom by a Craigslist secret lover? Later, going home to your wife and children and complaining that your wife, along with the meatloaf, are dry.
Does the gay community really inspire such rage within your heart, or are you feigning disgust to appease a generation that can’t hear you without a mechanical device in their ear? Honey Boo Boo said it best, “Everybody’s a Little Gay.” And although I know that’s not true because I only find myself attracted to Kennedy men (Sorry Jackie), the younger demo is pushing for fairness, acceptance, and honesty.
These political scandals are only scandals when politicians create platforms for themselves by judging others and living dishonest lifestyles. You alienate voters by a landslide when you take a stance against homosexuality and then George Michael your guts out behind closed doors.
Being righteous might have won people over in the past but being honest will get you ahead. It’s a new world, baby. Look at Obama, who wears his past drug use like a badge of honor.