I Probably Agree With Your Bumper Sticker, but 90 Make You Look Crazy

obama-sucks-250Little offends me more than a Prius with the bumper sticker, “OBAMA: 2008”.
It’s not “cool vintage” like your Billy Idol cassette tape. It reminds me of milk that has expired. Or wearing white heels after Labor Day.
And although the Coexist bumper sticker makes you look like a Whole Foods shopping hippie, what REALLY grinds my gears… is when I see a member of the Conservative community utilizing their Chevy Tahoe as ad space for their political crusade. I’m not just talking one… I’m talking five to ten. If you have more than two bumper stickers on your vehicle, you look
insane. Please don’t represent us in that way.
Can this person be cited at the scene of an accident for having a diatribe plastered across their caboose? I would think so. (J Lo.)
To be honest, I probably agree with EVERYTHING that your bumper stickers say; but don’t you think you look slightly AGGRESSIVE with 39 hateful quotes in quirky fonts that warn us that you’re a firm believer in the 2nd amendment & NOPE TO HOPE!? And buzzkill… The back of a Honda Civic isn’t exactly the appropriate place to discuss abortion.
Do you not like your vehicle? Was cash for clunkers not an option for you? Do you really think the back of your car is going to change the person behind you in line at Taco Bell’s mind about politics? “I’ll take a Crunchy Gordita… AND HARRY REED CAN SUCK IT!” What is the ultimate objective with the PDP (public display of politics)?
I suggest that you invest in some Goo Gone, clean off your BO billboard, and start a weekly social with like minded individuals so you can express your concerns in a more receptive venue that might convert in to some positive change. It’s like the old saying, Actions Speak Louder than Bumper Stickers.
– Brook Flanders