All Hail Gordon James!

Can you imagine Arizona conservatives shouting such? It would be quite a turn of events after James’ wife and former John Shadegg staffer Lisa James attempted not once but twice in previous cycles to seize the Arizona Republican Party chairmanship for moderates. James lost but couple’s commitment to a leftward tilt for their party remained.
No matter one’s Republican politics they don’t come more affable than Gordon. He’s excelled at logistics and events for presidential administrations and private clients. And he’s taken those skills on the road to help in Iraq and after natural disasters too.220px-GordonCJames
But there’s another reason every Arizona Republican, even those that so adamantly opposed his wife, should applaud Gordon. Because without him Phoenix would have had no chance to host the 2012 Republican National Convention, nor the upcoming 2016 event for which the city is again making a spirited bid.
Democratic Phoenix Mayors Phil Gordon and Greg Stanton deserve much credit for enthusiastically embracing a major political party that’s not their cup of tea. They understand the profound economic impact and notoriety that comes with such conclaves. But it is Gordon James that is the heart and soul of the efforts, with his enthusiasm and expertise.
We don’t believe it’s likely Phoenix will prevail in 2016 for many reasons, just as it was awarded the silver medal for 2012. But you just never know in politics. And if we are surprised even the most conservative Republicans should thank Gordon James for the once in a lifetime experience a political convention in your hometown would be.