Much Ado About Nothing: Misguiding Politicians Squawk About Fiscal Responsibility as City Reduces Its Budget and Taxes

Fiscal responsibility is something that all engaged citizens (except perhaps those to the extreme political left) want; government is funded by our money, and we all want to believe that those funds are being used appropriately. And it should come as no surprise to our readers that conservative politics often focuses on this, as do the conservative politicians that look to lead.

Like with anything in politics, if an issue is something that is problematic and a politician has a solution for that problem, fantastic. That’s adding value to society. But some politicians don’t know when to pivot towards real problems and instead start inventing a problem that doesn’t exist so they can invent the supposed solution.

Unfortunately, this is where much of the politics and many of the candidates in Scottsdale find themselves.

What do we mean? Well let’s start with this; the city of Scottsdale recently released their proposed 2024/25 budget, and perhaps the most shocking part? A 10% DECREASE in spending compared to the previous year. This reflects a slowdown in revenue and is a purported conservative approach to budgeting and the city’s expectations. In other words, a model of fiscal conservatism.

You would never think that if you listened to some of the screeds of city candidates who consider themselves “conservative”, however. Several talk about runaway spending and “slush funds” and all sorts of hyperbole. Instead of attempting to add value to society, they are being purposely misleading and attempting to invent a solution where a problem doesn’t exist.

In all fairness, it wouldn’t be the first time that politicians attempted to trump up issues for the sake of standing out, but these cases are particularly egregious since it’s not that fiscal responsibility is a mild issue in the city, it’s that it’s actually a strength. Instead of trying to locate legitimate issues and provide solutions, these candidates are spitting in your face and trying to sell you an umbrella to block it.

It truly is unfortunate, since there are many talented people running in local races. But the more they talk about this particular issue, the more they expose the apparent fact that their desire to be in perceived power seemingly outweighs their desire to actually fix problems. And that’s unfortunate.