Guest Editorial: Mayoral Announcement

By Mary Hamway

Twenty years ago I began my journey in public service by running for Town Council. Today, I announce my candidacy for Paradise Valley Mayor.
In 2011, as part of Paradise Valley’s 50th birthday celebration, I was honored to co-chair a visioning exercise where we learned about our past so that we could help guide our future. We held many public meetings and focus groups and I co-wrote the Visioning Statement that is still in use today. I share this paragraph as a reminder of what we value.

Recognizing a proper balance between the powers of local government
and individual property rights, our future will be defined by the continuation of our characteristic low-density, residential housing while understanding and appreciating the role of local government in providing quality public safety and other limited services, preserving natural open space and mountain views and ensuring neighborhood-compatible land use decisions throughout the Town.

Being landlocked between Phoenix and Scottsdale, our population doesn’t change much from year-to-year, but our demographics do. In a recent Business Insider article Paradise Valley is called the “Beverly Hills” of Arizona, because of the high number of people moving here from California. We welcome anyone who makes Paradise Valley their home, and we have a rich history to
share. Our resorts are world-class and our limited government model has kept us in good stead. But to continue to maintain the high-quality of living that residents have come to expect requires constant community-building and finding ways to engage with our residents, both new and old.

During my time on council, I was involved in many community-building projects, such as being a member of the Public Safety Task Force, chairperson for the Town Water Committee, leading the completion of under-grounding overhead utilities, raising awareness of stormwater management, serving on the Board for Experience Scottsdale and renovating Kiva Elementary’s sports field. I helped shepherd the Town through the 2008 financial crisis as well
as negotiate the intergovernmental agreement with Phoenix for fire service. I also have been involved with many of our resort development projects and renovations.

I served 11 years on Town Council between 2004 and 2017. For the last 8 years, I served on a statewide committee for the utility industry, siting extra-high voltage transmission lines needed for the state’s transition to renewable energy. I am running for mayor because I have the experience, and also a fresh eye to lead us forward. As mayor, I will work to keep our Town safe by supporting our police force and make local government accessible by providing transparency and offering opportunities for resident engagement.

Following Mayor Jerry Bien-Willner’s 6 years of excellent leadership will be a big job for the next mayor and council. It would be my honor to serve as your next mayor, and I hope you will vote for me, Mary Hamway, on July 30, in the state primary. If you would like to connect and learn more, please email me at