Guest Editorial: Jan Dubauskas Endorsed by Police Officers of Scottsdale Association

By Jan Dubauskas Jan Dubauskas, candidate for Scottsdale City Council, is proud to announce her endorsement by the Police Officers of Scottsdale Association (POSA). “Scottsdale is blessed with the award-winning, gold-standard of police departments. It is an honor to receive POSA’s endorsement. As a graduate of the Scottsdale Citizens Police Academy, I got to understand their important work up close … Read More

Scottsdale’s October Surprise? Traffic is About to Get Crazy Around Chaparral

There’s not too much to complain about in Scottsdale. However, one frequent concern from voters is traffic. Residents will often decry the construction of large apartment complexes out of concerns of increased traffic, and developments will often fail to pass through council without robust traffic mitigation plans. It’s a very real concern. So when the news broke that a large … Read More

Guest Editorial: I’m announcing my re-election campaign

By Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego Since you elected me as your mayor five years ago, we’ve worked to make Phoenix the city of the future— and a great place where families can thrive for generations to come. Together, we’ve delivered. We’ve strengthened our local economy with a $65 billion investment that will make Phoenix the semiconductor capital of the nation, … Read More

Does Justin Laos Really Want to Be on the Scottsdale City Council?

This year’s Scottsdale city council race so far is a race of haves and have nots when it comes to money (read our coverage here). When candidates are overmatched from a financial perspective, it’s imperative that they stand out in other ways. Some candidates make goofy videos or take outlandish stances. In the case of candidate Justin Laos, apparently it’s … Read More

The Whiner of the Week: Tim Dickman of Paradise Valley

By Ronald Sampson It’s the season for candidates to have their attempts to get on the ballot fail, either as a result of ignorance, laziness, incompetence, or fate. The signature requirement deadline just came and passed, and two incumbent state legislators were amongst those that didn’t make the cut (read our coverage on that here). Most candidates offer a statement … Read More

Adam Kwasman and His Weird Views

By Alexander Lomax I appreciate fiscal conservatism and pride myself on having a watchdog eye on how our taxpayer dollars are spent. It’s our money, we should demand that it is used well. I am also pragmatic by nature, and realize that a race down to zero taxes often leads to a diminished quality of life, which is far from … Read More

Scottsdale Politics: How are the City Council Races Looking?

As we mentioned in yesterday’s piece about the Scottsdale mayoral race, campaign finance reports are our most accurate look into the potential strength of a campaign. And just like the mayoral race, candidates for Scottsdale City Council also recently filed their reports, and it allows us to peer into who is surging and who is floundering. First, we will start … Read More

Scottsdale Politics: How is the Mayoral Race Looking?

This year’s Scottsdale mayoral race won’t be anywhere near as wild as it was in 2020. Back then there were five competitors, including five current and past city councilmembers, vying for an open seat. This year it is much more tame, with an incumbent running against two former councilmembers. As is often the case in politics, the campaign finance reports … Read More

Who is the Heck is Mason Gates?

Scottsdalians who use social media have almost certainly been confronted with Mason Gates; he is a Scottsdale city council candidate who has seemingly come out of nowhere, spraying digital ads throughout the city, highlighting videos of him speaking and what he touts as an army of kids willing to do his bidding. While digital political ads are nothing new, his … Read More