Will Kyrsten Sinema Really Run for Re-election as an Independent?

In November 2024, Arizona voters will decide if they want to re-elect Kyrsten Sinema to the US Senate, but this time as a registered Independent. She will likely have strong competition on both sides of her: while the Republican side is still wide open, Congressman Ruben Gallego is now in the poll position on the Democratic side. But will she … Read More

The No Labels Party has Arrived in Arizona: What Does It Mean for the 2024 Elections?

A recent bombshell hit Arizona politics recently, one that will have very significant ramifications for the 2024 election, but one that hasn’t gotten as much widespread attention as it may deserve. Another party has qualified to be on the ballot in the ‘24 election, the relatively centrist “No Labels Party”. The No Labels Party will join the Libertarian Party alongside … Read More

U.S. House Legislation Gives Arizona Drought Relief And Upholds Water Rights For The Colorado River Indian Tribes (CRIT). Updated Federal Legislation Introduced By Congressman Raul Grijalva Is Passed In U.S. House Vote.

Federal Legislation Previously Introduced In U.S. Senate A U.S. House version of S. 3308, a bill that would authorize the Colorado River Indian Tribes to lease a portion of its federal Colorado River water allocation, has been approved in a vote on the House floor. Arizona District 3 Congressman Raul Grijalva introduced the House legislation as part of a larger … Read More

Senator Sinema is Formally Censured by Arizona Democratic Party – Is Her Time with the Democratic Caucus Coming to an End?

By Alexander Lomax In what was a surprise to absolutely no one, the Arizona Democratic Party voted behind closed doors to formally censure Kyrsten Sinema this past weekend. If there was a single saving grace for Sinema (other than the potential support it may elicit from registered independents and other politically homeless voters), it’s that it was not done in … Read More

Guest Editorial: Is This What “Activism” Has Turned Into??

By Alexander Lomax In a political world where money talks and the average person can feel unheard, the right to organize and protest is critically important. We may disagree with the reasons as to why people are protesting, but the importance of it is encoded in our Bill of Rights. However, there is a good way and a bad way … Read More

Guest Editorial: They’re Just Not That Into You. At All.

By Alexander Lomax It should be no surprise to anyone who follows American politics that Arizona’s technically-Democrat Senator Kyrsten Sinema has made some enemies, many of them left-of-center. Her dedication to her independent, “mavericky” branding has been something that has vaulted her to national prominence, but sometimes with the love and adoration of a wrestling heel. The progressive left has … Read More