Arizona’s Attorney General is Suing SUSD: Sounds Like an Election Year

When elected officials seek re-election, or worse yet election to a more prominent position, it will cause them to do all sorts of wild things to get the attention of voters. Sometimes, they are truly detrimental, sometimes they are warranted…but we wonder aloud if this particular instance is both. Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich recently filed a lawsuit against the … Read More

Further Turmoil at SUSD: Lawsuits are Filed Against the Greenburgs

Well we had about one week of kumbaya-esque good feelings about the Scottsdale Unified School District; as regular readers will note, just last week we wrote about Scott Menzel’s contract extension and how much he deserves it, having navigated SUSD through a significant amount of turmoil. Well grab your popcorn folks, because Menzel is going to earn that extension. This … Read More

Litigious Greenburg Father Won’t Go Away, Again Showing Why He Should

Ohhhh, the Greenburg Family: as content creators, we must admit that they are fantastic muses when it comes to creating articles of interest, disgust, outrage, and general intrigue. But as Scottsdalians, we can’t help but be disgusted that they are still somewhat relevant. We have spoken at length about former Scottsdale Unified School District Board President Jann-Michael Greenburg, who while … Read More

The Absurdity is Over: All 4 SUSD Recall Attempts Fail

By Alexander Lomax Could it be? Common sense reigns over irrational anger? Someone get the fainting couch, I am getting the vapors! Yes, it is with a certain degree of jubilation and relief that I can announce that the four attempted recall elections of Scottsdale Unified School District Governing Board members have all failed, None of them got the nearly … Read More

No Criminal Charges for Greenburg, but That Doesn’t Make It One Bit Better

Jann-Michael Greenburg will escape criminal charges it seems, as a recent investigation stated that he did not in fact break the law. Those were the findings of the Scottsdale Police Department, which have been passed up to the FBI and State AG. According to Police spokesman Sgt. Kevin Quon, investigators did not find anything in the Google Drive on Jann-Michael … Read More

Are There Any Adults in the Room?

By Alexander Lomax Never let a good crisis go to waste, the saying goes. And boy ohh boy, are SUSD and the Greenburgs ever in one heckuva crisis. And who’s swooping down to try to steal the spotlight from them and using misery as a campaign event? Gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake and US Senate Jim Lamon. Lamon organized an event … Read More

Do Arizona Democrats Stand for Anything?

By Ronald Sampson I am loathe to draw too many conclusions from Twitter; it is generally a cesspool which is not reflective of real life in nearly any way, after all. But if volume of responses are indicative of anything, then local Dems have en masse tipped their hands as to their lack of moral and ethical rooting in the … Read More

Scandal at SUSD: Jann-Michael Greenburg Must Resign

The Scottsdale Unified School District is in full crisis mode as a recent discovery has turned into a bombshell: the Governing Board President Jann-Michael Greenburg and his father Mark had compiled a dossier on over 50 parents in the district, including personal and financial information. The dossier was stored on Greenburg’s computer, and was discovered when he sent a screenshot … Read More