No Criminal Charges for Greenburg, but That Doesn’t Make It One Bit Better

Photo Credit: 12 News

Jann-Michael Greenburg will escape criminal charges it seems, as a recent investigation stated that he did not in fact break the law. Those were the findings of the Scottsdale Police Department, which have been passed up to the FBI and State AG.

According to Police spokesman Sgt. Kevin Quon, investigators did not find anything in the Google Drive on Jann-Michael Greenburg’s computer that rose to the level of criminal conduct. He claims that all of the documents were “opensource and/or public documents,”Either that ius using a very liberal definition of those terms, or it seems to fly in the face of multiple testimonials from parents.

Regardless of the legality it, the morality and the ethics are the real problem. The destroyed trust is the real problem. The overly “helpful” father who is hiring private investigators to spy on parents is the real problem. Criminal problems would have been a hypotheticaly cherry on top, but not necessary; their actions never passed the smell test of leadership

Are the parents whose divorce proceedings were collected supposed to feel better that their personal and private information was to be weaponized? Are the people whose license plates were captured or whose children were photographed supposed to feel less creeped out? Clearly, that will not be the case.

So our congrats go out to the Greenburgs for avoiding significantly larger consequences for their actions. Good for them. They still should not be anywhere near leadership positions, and if he chooses to be obstinate and stay in his SUSD seat, we will support the recall election to oust him. We all deserve better.