Guest Editorial: Scottsdale “Crime Spree”

By Jan Dubauskas

You deserve to be safe in your home. And in Scottsdale, we expect to not only feel safe – but to be absolutely safe. It’s frightening reading stories about the uptick in crime in big cities and yet, the crime sprees we’ve been reading about in New York, Seattle, and Los Angeles are now happening in our own backyard.

Since November, we have had 22 burglaries in Scottsdale, mostly focused in north Scottsdale and specifically in DC Ranch. These burglaries are known as the “Dinner Time Burglars” because they have a pattern of committing the burglaries Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights from 5-10pm, the hours someone would typically be out to dinner. These thieves are targeting homes near washes or golf courses, looking for opportunities to take jewelry, loose cash, and other small items.

The Scottsdale Police Department identified that these burglaries are also taking place in surrounding cities Phoenix, Paradise Valley, Chandler, and Gilbert. Scottsdale PD believes that this is the work of a “South American Theft Group” (SATG). Scottsdale PD has prior experience capturing and convicting SATG’s and are confident they will prevail again.

The safety of our neighborhoods should be of the highest priority for our city’s leadership. That’s why I am so concerned about this recent increase in break-ins in Scottsdale. As a resident of Scottsdale and a mother of two young girls, this concerns me deeply. And I am already working for you to provide you with the information you need to keep your home safe (see below). That’s why when elected to the City Council, I will be tough on crime and ensure our city remains a safe place to live. We need to be able to protect our property and ensure all thieves are brought to justice.

In the meantime, I am thankful that the all-star Scottsdale Police Department is on the case and making this a top priority. We truly have some of the best law enforcement in the country!

For Scottsdale,