Guest Editorial: Jan Dubauskas Is the Best Candidate to Replace Betty Janik.

Incumbent Betty Janik recently wrote to her constituents and boldly declared she will not run for re-election after one term on Council. She called for “older baby Boomers like myself to yield governance” and to step aside to make room for younger people and new solutions. Jan Dubauskas embodies this vision and is the best candidate to replace Councilwoman Janik.

When Betty Janik took her seat as Scottsdale City Councilwoman in January 2021, residents elected her to be a voice on Council. The former High School teacher and community leader rose to the challenge, making a commitment to be a voice for the citizens, providing a platform to address residents’ concerns, and taking action.

During her time on Council, Janik built a reputation of thoughtfully collecting all the facts, considering the data, and carefully analyzing information before arriving at a decision. This quality has served both the Council and residents well. She is not one to be swayed or easily convinced by big name developers or special interest groups. And by far, her greatest legacy will be her commitment and leadership in protecting the McDowell Sonoran Preserve, one of Scottsdale’s defining natural gems.

We thank you, Councilwoman Janik, for your dedication to residents and for your ongoing leadership on the Scottsdale City Council.

As we look to an increasingly crowded 2024 Council race, Jan Dubauskas immediately stands out as the strongest and best candidate. She is an attorney, wife, mother, and 10+ year resident of DC Ranch. Jan was born in San Diego to a family of veterans, small business owners, and community leaders. She is a proud graduate of both the Scottsdale Citizens Government Academy and Scottsdale’s Citizens Water Academy.

Many candidates promise to listen to residents, but Jan has done it; both as a candidate for State Senate in 2022, and as a community leader. Jan is committed to listening to residents, maintaining Scottsdale’s high quality of life, opposing unnecessary over-development, and protecting Scottsdale from crime.

As an attorney and corporate executive, she’s adept at wading through complex issues, negotiating, and finding solutions; she is Council-ready. And she’s got an infectious enthusiasm for the role and for Scottsdale. If you are a Janik fan, you will agree – Jan Dubauskas is the best candidate to replace Betty Janik.

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