Does Scottsdale Have a Problem with Human Trafficking?

While we love our city and it has an incredible amount of things going for it, I don’t think we would necessarily call it perfect. No place is perfect, after all…close but not quite there. And we are not completely exempt from crime, but typically we associate Scottsdale crime with drunken Old Town hijinks. A new development shows that that’s … Read More

Guest Editorial: Scottsdale “Crime Spree”

By Jan Dubauskas You deserve to be safe in your home. And in Scottsdale, we expect to not only feel safe – but to be absolutely safe. It’s frightening reading stories about the uptick in crime in big cities and yet, the crime sprees we’ve been reading about in New York, Seattle, and Los Angeles are now happening in our … Read More

The Consequences of Being Soft on Crime: A Scottsdale Tragedy

Arizona has typically had a reputation for being tougher on crime than states on the Pacific coast. Rarely do you hear about violent criminals released without bail or shown extreme leniency only to commit more crimes and the results have generally led to safer streets. However, a recent tragedy not only underscores that we are not perfect in that regard … Read More

Another Old Town Shooting; Do We Have a Crime Issue?

There has been significant chatter recently about crime in and around Old Town recently, including a murder there just last month. Well here we are again, with another shooting there last week (and no arrests at the time of writing. We do not want to overreact with clickbait titles and fear tactics, but at the same time we often tend … Read More

Cracking Down in Old Town

Photo Credit: Due to a recent uptick in violent and gun-related crime in Old Town Scottsdale, the Scottsdale Police Department recently released new proposed rules aimed at attempting to reverse this crime increase. The problem stems from past attempts to tackle crime inside of and around nightclubs after the 2013 stabbing death of an Old Town bouncer. Attempts to … Read More

An Omelette with a Side of…Fraud?

Last year, an ambitious restaurateur decided to take a bold chance: she brought her unique concept to Phoenix and opened her second location in the midst of a pandemic. One year later, her risk-taking may lead to time in federal prison, but for reasons that have absolutely nothing to do with her restaurant. The owner and operator of Breakfast Bitch, … Read More

Guest Editorial: State Sen. Navarrete Must Resign

By Alexander Lomax In what could be described as nothing less than an absolutely shocking bombshell, Arizona State Senator Tony Navarrete, a Democrat representing Arizona’s 30th district in West Phoenix and Glendale, was arrested on Friday on suspicion of sexual abuse of a minor. These charges include 7 felony counts, which would lead to a mandatory minimum sentence of at … Read More