Guest Editorial: Mark Kelly is Pivoting on the Border – Is Anyone Fooled?

By Ronald Sampson It’s late August in an even-numbered year, which in Arizona can also be known as “pivot season”. Now that primaries are out of the way, winning candidates will traditionally move towards the political center to appeal to those across the aisle. Blake Masters celebrated this holiday as ostentatiously as the person on your street whose Christmas lights … Read More

The Breakdown: Can Anyone Topple Mark Kelly? The US Senate Race

We are wrapping up our Breakdown series as your ballot likely sits on your dining room table, and we have moved up progressively from the least well-known and covered statewide races to the most. And so we end with the highest prize in the state: who will join 99 other Americans in the US Senate, and can anyone topple Senator … Read More

Guest Editorial: The Libertarian Master of Puppets

By Alexander Lomax The parade of new entrants in Arizona political races continued last week, as we have a new candidate looking to unseat Mark Kelly: Blake Masters declared his candidacy for the US Senate. Who is Blake Masters, you may be asking yourself. Not much is known about Mr. Masters, but what is known is unusual. Most notably, he … Read More