Guest Editorial: Scottsdale Deserves the Best, Vote YES General Plan 2035, Prop 463

By Solange Whitehead

Councilmember Solange Whitehead

Scottsdale’s allure was built on exceptional design standards, world-class amenities, and an expansive amount of protected open space.  However, Scottsdale’s current general plan is decades old and is no longer protecting us.  General Plan 2035 was written with input from hundreds of residents and tackles today’s issues.  On development, General Plan 2035 creates a “Scottsdale premium” that favors the highest quality projects and protects Scottsdale’s character and quality of life.

For these reasons, Scottsdale’s staunchest resident advocates and the Coalition of Greater Scottsdale (COGS) have strongly endorsed a YES Vote on General Plan 2035. But an outside group has descended on Scottsdale in an effort to undermine our community and defeat General Plan 2035.

Don’t be fooled by this outside group’s misinformation campaign.  General Plan 2035 does not raise taxes or take away property rights. General Plan 2035 does raise the bar on development by:

  • Removing a developer incentive that provided developers with discounts and allowed build taller buildings, lower design standards, and expedited approvals.
  • Requiring public input on development which today is only encouraged.
  • Establishing 3 new Major General Amendment Plan categories requiring a super majority (five votes) of Council to approve zoning applications for these land use categories. Today, those same land use changes only require 4 Council votes
  • Development will be required to provide public open space
  • Adding a new goal “require development to pay its share”

General Plan 2035 also is focused on reversing urbanization and heights in Scottsdale’s Old Town by:

  • Explicitly excluding light “rail” and “modern streetcars” as future multimodal options
  • Adding a new goal to protect “the heritage and western character of the historic Old Town District.”

Beyond development, General Plan 2035 sets priorities for taking care of all of our city’s residents. Please join me and vote to protect Scottsdale with a YES vote on General Plan 2035, Prop 463.

Solange Whitehead is a Scottsdale City Councilmember