The Scottsdale City Council 2022 Race is Now Set: How Does It Look?

As with every campaign, it’s easy to say that you’re running for office; you can even file some paperwork to make it official. However actually getting on the ballot is a very different matter, involving the collection of a significant number of signatures from voters. Since the signature deadline has now passed, unless a candidate’s signatures are challenged we have … Read More

Featured Editorial: Mayor Ortega is Setting Scottsdale Up for a Major Loss

By Larry Kush Yet another battle is taking shape between property rights advocates and our cities mayor over the mayor’s goal of gutting the Old Town Scottsdale Character Area Plan (OTSCAP) which was adopted in 2018. In case you have not heard of it, OTSCAP serves as the regulatory long-range plan that guides growth and development in downtown Scottsdale, and … Read More

Stopsdale or Scottsdale?

The Valley’s business community has been paying close attention to the turn Scottsdale’s 2020 elections have meant for one of the state and country’s more outstanding cities.  Would major investments still be rewarded or reviled by the new, slower-growth governing majority? Last night, Scottsdale’s City Council, including Councilwoman Kathy Littlefield, showed a sagacious balance of the anti-everything inmates trying to run … Read More

Guest Editorial: Scottsdale Deserves the Best, Vote YES General Plan 2035, Prop 463

By Solange Whitehead Scottsdale’s allure was built on exceptional design standards, world-class amenities, and an expansive amount of protected open space.  However, Scottsdale’s current general plan is decades old and is no longer protecting us.  General Plan 2035 was written with input from hundreds of residents and tackles today’s issues.  On development, General Plan 2035 creates a “Scottsdale premium” that … Read More

Guest Editorial: I Cannot Support the General Plan

By Larry Kush During my many years of service on the Scottsdale Planning Commission, there were several meetings where city staff updated us on the progress of the revised general plan and asked us for our comments.  City Planning Staff put in untold hours of work on this plan, holding several meetings with stake holders (citizens) to explain the plan … Read More

Guest Editorial: The 2035 General Plan Looks Backward, not Forward

By Tim Stratton Ballots will soon arrive seeking approval of the 2035 General Plan. People are asking me, “Why should I support something I have heard so little about?” That’s a great question. Why haven’t voters heard more on the 2035 General Plan? What is hiding in this 296 page document that most people will never read? Maybe the answer … Read More

Guest Editorial: Why You Should Vote YES on Scottsdale General Plan 2035

By Councilmember Solange Whitehead Scottsdale, let’s get this job done!  On October 6th, ballots for Scottsdale’s General Plan (GP) will be mailed to voters.  I am enthusiastically endorsing a YES vote to ratify General Plan 2035 and protect all that we love about Scottsdale.   Scottsdale’s General Plan 2035 has been a collaboration between the City and the residents. Working side-by-side … Read More