Guest Editorial: My Endorsements for City Council

By Councilwoman Betty Janik

I am pleased to endorse Barry Graham for a first term on Scottsdale City Council. Barry has given generously of his time, serving on several boards and commissions, often as chairman. His experience on the Transportation Commission, the Building Advisory Appeals Board, and most recently the Planning Commission, are an asset to City Council. He is Council ready. He has over 10 years of experience in business and public accounting which is exceptionally beneficial to Scottsdale. I have known Barry for several years and appreciate his commitment to making informed decisions that are data based. He carefully studies issues that come before him, he asks incisive questions, and puts Residents First in decision making. He is a man of integrity as evidenced by his positive campaign.

I endorse Solange Whitehead for Scottsdale to serve a second term on City Council. She is a consummate problem solver and is genuinely honored to represent Scottsdale residents. In her four years, she has served the needs of individuals by working one on one with them to solve their problems. She has successfully championed environmental issues such as establishing tree canopies to reduce the heat island, advocating for open space, and protecting our Preserve. She is a voice for the underserved insuring funding for service programs. Finally, Solange tackles the most controversial issue in Scottsdale: development. Projects she ultimately supports have been negotiated down in height, up in design standards, have trees and open space, and include stipulated construction timelines. Her reticence to cater to the pro- or anti-growth narrative has often made her a target. I admire her fortitude.

I endorse Kathy Littlefield for a third term on City Council. For the past 8 years, she has devoted herself to the city she loves, Scottsdale. Her respect for the citizens is clear in every decision she makes. Kathy’s years of service on the Audit Committee have bolstered internal control systems and confirmed the accuracy of financial systems. She keeps government focused and protects the city’s financial position. Her time in office gives her historical perspective. She knows what questions to ask when reviewing documents. She was the first council person to oppose the DDC/Desert Edge project. Above all, she respects the special character of Scottsdale. She is a proponent of small business, which gives Scottsdale its unique character. She reviews proposals for development through the lens of neighborhood preservation. Her votes represent the will of the people. She is Your Voice on Council.


Councilwoman Janik