Guest Editorial: Exciting News!

Scottsdale is special. Really special.

It’s why we’ve invested here and built our lives here.

Residents choose to live in Scottsdale because of its unique character and high quality of living. The beauty of the architecture. The culture. The cleanliness. The preserves. The natural beauty. That indescribable Scottsdale feeling.

But we’re all tired of seeing some Council members vote against Scottsdale’s interests. They’re making decisions about our neighborhoods and I don’t like the direction they’re taking us. Scottsdale needs a Council member who listens to the voices of residents.

We need a Council member who will oppose road diets, endless overdevelopment, and expanded public transit.

We need a Council member who fights for reduced traffic and high quality of life.

It’s time for resident-friendly leadership.

I am proud to announce that I am running for Scottsdale City Council.

A great career as an attorney and a corporate executive has prepared me to serve the public and to serve our residents. We cannot allow Scottsdale to go the way of other cities. Scottsdale cannot become Portland, Seattle – or even Phoenix. We have an opportunity right now to turn it around and stop the slide.

I’m running to take our Council back from pro-developer, progressive interests so that we can preserve Scottsdale and protect our quality of life.

Together, we will keep Scottsdale special and make our voices heard.

I hope you will join me. I’m going to need your support – to sign, to give, to volunteer.

Please visit to learn more and join my team.

For Scottsdale,
Jan Dubauskas