Guest Editorial: 2024 Campaign Announcement

By Councilwoman Tammy Caputi

Over the last 3 years I’ve had the honor and privilege of serving as your City Councilwoman. Much has been accomplished, but there’s always more to do. As we turn the corner towards 2024, I’m seeking re-election to continue the great work that’s being done by this council. I humbly ask you to join my team – be my voter, my supporter, and my advocate. My goal when I was elected was to make Scottsdale even better for my 3 kids than it’s been for me in my 25 years as a resident, business owner, and outdoor enthusiast.

During my 3 years on council, I, along with my colleagues, have increased job creation by 10% across diverse industries, kept our budget in the black, fully funded public safety, and brought our Tourism back to pre-pandemic levels. I helped pass a new voter-approved 10-year General Plan. I’ve protected our neighborhoods with new ordinance and oversight for controlling short term rentals. I’ve protected our most vulnerable seniors and children, reinvested in the Paiute Center, and passed a non-discrimination ordinance. I’ve improved downtown parking, improved traffic safety, and bulked up our streets with 80 new lane miles of roadway. I’ve approved only 1 handful of the highest quality development projects with meaningful community benefits such as workforce housing for teachers and first responders. I have stood up from Day 1 for our kids’ education – I was a founding member of our Council’s education subcommittee, and wrote a standalone education element in our General Plan. I’ve supported bonds and overrides for all our school districts. All our residents, including our kids and working parents, deserve the best possible Scottsdale.

Scottsdale has a winning formula: A strong, healthy economy keeps our property values and amenities high and our property taxes low. Our city is almost 40% open space: one third of our land mass is protected and preserved in perpetuity. It’s important that we carefully balance open space with the economic vitality that pays for our unique Preserve and world-class city services. It’s how we remain the Gold Standard of the Valley. It’s how we maintain a successful, balanced community for ourselves and future generations.

I have been blessed to collaborate with a diverse group of colleagues, an amazing city staff, and so many caring and passionate residents and business owners. Together we have found common ground and accomplished so much already. Scottsdale will be facing many new challenges in the next few years. I will run as hard as I can to make sure we keep moving forward in a positive direction. Successful cities do not stagnate; we can neither stand by nor sit still if we want to maintain our excellence.

Scottsdale voters, please sign my nominating petition here: