AZ Central’s Contrived “Fact Check” Won’t Touch Ducey

By Junkman Uncaged Although the scope of this blog and podcast will be national, from time to time I’ll write or talk about issues here in my home state of Arizona, particularly when the story, though local in scope, exemplifies a fundamental that applies nationwide. A number of newspapers and blogs across the country have established “fact check” features: ostensibly … Read More

Sometimes the 'news' is just the worst

By Adam Kress From the Phoenix Business Journal If you live in the Phoenix area and spent any time on Facebook or Twitter yesterday, you may have come across a story that a lot of people were sharing. It was titled: “Reasons why Phoenix is the worst place ever.” Pretty provocative headline, right? It’s kind of hard not to react … Read More

Update From Arizona Republican Party Chairman Robert Graham

Legislative Salute Success!     We wrapped up last week with our Legislative Salute and were honored to have so many of our Republican legislators and supporters attend, but also to hear Senator Jon Kyl address the crowd with his wisdom, humor, and enthusiasm about the upcoming elections. We are extraordinarily thankful for our GOP-majority Legislature, and we raised more … Read More

The Donald Sterling fiasco

From the Los Angeles Times Editorial Board There are a lot of questions remaining about the strange, vile, racist comments that have been attributed to Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling. The audiotapes need to be authenticated. The context of the remarks, which represent 16 minutes out of what was apparently an hourlong conversation, should be explained. But if it … Read More

Evangelical leader shows how GOP can finesse gay marriage

By Byron York Washington Examiner In 2008, both Democrat Barack Obama and Republican John McCain supported defining marriage as the union of one man and one woman. In 2012, only Republican Mitt Romney supported traditional marriage, Obama having announced a change of heart six months before the election. What about 2016? It’s impossible to imagine a Democratic candidate not supporting … Read More

Rebuilding Detroit, One House at a Time, to Create Homes for Writers

From the New York Times: The message implicit in the prizewinning documentaries “Detropia” and “Searching for Sugar Man,” in Detroit’s declaration of bankruptcy in 2013 — in even a casual drive along Gratiot Avenue, past mile after mile of burned-out or boarded-up houses and stores — is that Detroit is in a pitiable state. Yet when Toby Barlow reflects on … Read More