In Response To Our Editorial On Charter Schools

By Frank Cuccia Public schools have several differing factors than private or charter schools; one being that they have to for the most part take everyone who wants to attend. Now, let’s assume that Scottsdale public school is leased to a private school, does this private school have to accept all comers? If not where does the refugee students go … Read More

Why Barrett-Jackson matters, even if you're not into cars

From the Arizona Republic A meme spreading across Facebook proclaims “My favorite part of winter … is watching it on TV from Arizona.” This has been a good week to watch winter from afar, as the polar vortex dropped harsh cold as far south as Mobile, Ala. The good people at the Arizona Tourism Authority were absolutely gleeful putting up … Read More

Greasewood Flat Owner Talks Of Positive Future

By George Cavalliere As some of your readers may know we are the family that serves as the custodians of the Greasewood Flat and Reata Pass restaurant properties in the northern part of Scottsdale. Indeed, some of our family lives right on-site, too. What a privilege it’s been, welcoming tourists and local residents to our special place, just as my … Read More

Transient Tongues

Transient Tongues, otherwise known as our guest column section, will feature different points of view from various writers of interest, so stay tuned as we ready our first entries.