A Monumental Sustainability Vote Wraps Up a Productive Year in Scottsdale

Councilmember Solange Whitehead

By Councilwoman Solange Whitehead

Scottsdale’s leadership in conservation is many generations long and this year has been no exception. Our City Council protected a wildlife corridor, added new parks and planted hundreds of trees, and continued a tradition of excellence with the passage of the 2021 International Green Construction, Energy Conservation, and Residential building codes. Which is a big deal even by Scottsdale’s high standards.

The new building code will deliver healthier indoor air, stringent water conservation, lower utility bills, cleaner air, and healthier people.  Transitioning to a more sustainable environment benefits the economy by creating millions of high wage trade jobs nationally; jobs that can’t be exported and will strengthen the middle class.

As with many of Scottsdale’s best ideas, the community came together on this issue.  The Council received letters of support from corporate leaders, the tourism industry, realtors and developers, conservation groups, the American Lung Association, and many residents.

Developer Irene Catsibris Clary’s Soho Scottsdale project was International Green Construction Code (IgCC) certified and says, “it really does monetarily benefit the end homebuyer.”

The passage of the codes should have a positive impact beyond Scottsdale’s borders.  Scottsdale-based architect, Douglas Sydnor, supported mandating the codes and noted that, “All cities look to Scottsdale to set the standard.”

I’m incredibly proud that Scottsdale is leading the way towards a healthier and more prosperous future.


Solange Whitehead, Councilwoman