Rick Santorum to Endorse Frank Riggs for Governor in Arizona

From the Frank Riggs campaign Cave Creek, AZ – Former Republican presidential candidate and U.S. Senator, and current Chairman of Patriot Voices Rick Santorum will travel to Arizona on Sunday, April 6 to announce his endorsement of Frank Riggs for Governor. “Rick Santorum and I share a special bond. As newly elected Congressmen, we exposed the House Bank and Post … Read More

News Release: Former State Senator Carolyn Allen Endorses Bob Littlefield for the Arizona House of Representatives

SCOTTSDALE (Wednesday, April 2, 2014) – Scottsdale City Councilman Bob Littlefield is pleased to announce the endorsement from Former State Senator Carolyn Allen of his bid for the Arizona House in District 23. Senator Allen joins a growing list of supporters for the Littlefield campaign, including: • Paradise Valley Vice Mayor Michael Collins • Former Arizona Corporation Commissioner Kris Mayes … Read More

Senator John McCain, Other Republican Leaders Endorse Hugh Hallman for State Treasurer

From the Hugh Hallman Campaign April 2, 2014 McCain Praises Hallman’s Record of Fiscal Responsibility, Commitment to Conservative Causes.  U.S. Senator John McCain has endorsed Hugh Hallman to serve as the next Arizona State Treasurer. Senator McCain, one of the leading figures in the Republican Party and one of the most recognized Republican leaders in the country, said Hallman’s long … Read More

Closing Tonalea Elementary School Creates an Opportunity

News release from Scottsdale City Council Candidate Jennifer Petersen: When Scottsdale voters failed to pass the Scottsdale Unified School District Override elections over the past two years, it created significant challenges for our school district. Some voters may have voted against the overrides thinking that nothing would really change; however, by voting no or not voting at all, it has … Read More

News Release: Republican Corporation Commissioner Susan Bitter Smith Endorses Mary Hamway for the Arizona House of Representatives

PHOENIX (Tuesday, April 1, 2014) – Former Vice Mayor and Councilwoman for the Town of Paradise Valley Mary Hamway announced the endorsement from Republican Corporation Commissioner Susan Bitter Smith in her bid for the Arizona House in District 28. Bitter Smith, a native Arizonan and former member of the Scottsdale City Council, was elected to the Corporation Commission in November … Read More

News Release: Profit for Prisons while Kids Suffer

From the Jeff Schwartz Campaign Jeff Schwartz calls on John Kavanagh to return or refuse campaign donations from lobbyist, and their clients, pushing for Private Business Profit Guarantees SCOTTSDALE (March 31, 2014): Citing kids in failing schools with crowded classrooms and continuing issues for Child Protective Services, Republican candidate for Senate in LD 23, Jeff Schwartz, is calling on candidate … Read More

Shawnna Bolick Receives Endorsement from Barry Goldwater, Jr.

From Shawnna Bolick Campaign Today, I received the endorsement from former congressman and conservative leader Barry Goldwater, Jr. the son of Arizona icon Barry Goldwater. “With so many serious challenges facing the State of Arizona, I support Shawnna Bolick for the Legislature 110%,” stated former Congressman Goldwater, Jr. “She has one of the sharpest minds of anyone I’ve met in … Read More

Doug Ducey Campaign Announcement: The Spirit of Free Enterprise

You may have heard me say before that in solving some of our greatest problems, I believe freedom and opportunity are the answer. Nowhere is this sentiment more clearly demonstrated than in the free enterprise system. It empowers individuals to earn their own success, however they define it for themselves. It is the antithesis of government handouts and overbearing social … Read More

Former US Senate Candidate Goes Lobbyist

Dear Friend, I hope you are doing well! I am pleased to announce that I have recently accepted an Of Counsel position with Ryley Carlock & Applewhite, Phoenix’s third largest law firm, to lead the firm’s External Affairs & Government Relations practice. My practice will focus on providing private sector, public sector, and non-profit clients with government relations, external affairs, … Read More

Hamway Receives Endorsements from Republican Council Members

March 20, 2014 From Elect Mary Hamway PHOENIX (Thursday, March 20, 2014) – Former Vice Mayor and Councilwoman for the Town of Paradise Valley Mary Hamway announced the endorsements from five Republican council members in her bid for the Arizona House in District 28. Hamway released the endorsements from the following Republican council members: •Vice Mayor Michael Collins •Councilman Paul … Read More