NRA Endorses Tom Horne for AG

From Tom Horne
I am the only statewide candidate endorsed by the NRA. It’s also highly unusual for them to endorse any AG candidate in a primary. They know that it is imperative that we keep the Arizona Attorney General Republican and they also know that I have been a fierce advocate of protecting gun rights and preserving the Second Amendment during my administration.ATTORNEY GENERAL
Since becoming Attorney General, I’ve signed on to three Amicus briefs in support of the Second Amendment, issued an opinion finding that the city of Tucson would violate state law if they destroyed guns acquired during a “gun buy back,” and I have pushed for new state legislation that would allow school officials to have access to firearms in education institutions so that we can better protect our children from those that would seek to do them harm.
I’m honored that the NRA has given me their endorsement. It’s also exciting that I am the only statewide candidate in Arizona that the NRA has chosen to support for the Primary Election.
Today, I’m also asking for your help and asking you to stand with the NRA so that Arizona will have a strong defender of the Second Amendment and an Attorney General who is not afraid to stand up to Barack Obama. Your help is needed to finish our campaign strong. If you can contribute today, it will be greatly appreciated. Every donation will help me fight to preserve and protect the Second Amendment and the Constitution.
Thank you for generous help and support.
Tom Horne
Attorney General