The Momentum Continues to Build: Republican Hugh Hallman Leads the Way in the Polls and in Support from Conservative Leaders Across Arizona

Hugh Hallman is building momentum in the polls and with Republican supporters across Arizona!
While one of Hugh’s opponents today is citing a poll that’s almost a month old, The Arizona Republic today reported on a poll taken in the past week that shows Hugh Hallman with a clear lead in the State Treasurer’s race. hallman pic
And conservative leaders such as former Congressman Barry Goldwater, Jr., Congressman Matt Salmon, Congressman John Shadegg, Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu, Mohave County Sheriff Tom Sheahan and others are continuing to lend their support to the campaign. You can see our full list of endorsers — from across the state of Arizona — on our web site at
Hugh Hallman is committed to running the State Treasurer’s Office in the right way, with a focus on ethics, fiscal responsibility and transparency. He made a name for himself by saying “no” to perks and gifts while Mayor of Tempe, and he’ll have the same policy as State Treasurer.
But there’s still work to be done as voters continue to return their early ballots. So please remember to vote early or at the polls in the August 26 Republican Primary election, and please spread the word to vote Hugh Hallman for State Treasurer!