The Iron Lady

Photo Credit: Arianna Grainey

There once was a woman in England that had this nickname.  It’s appropriate for Scottsdale City Councilwoman Linda Milhaven too.  Next month will be the first time in 12 years the dais will not benefit from her determination, grit and smarts.  Term limits are the culprit.

Milhaven is the type of person every City Council needs.  Learned.  Unafraid.

She has been an indefatigable proponent for the arts. And development. Some don’t like the latter. But does any body benefit from groupthink?  She is a macroist when others tend to the micro.

Milhaven has a compass that damns the stormiest of seas. Despite the torrent of opposition to the Desert Discovery Center – a project we adamantly opposed – there she stood, defending her position, not giving an inch.

People like that are rare in politics these days. They can be admired in agreement, and disagreement.   Milhaven is McCainesque in that regard.

We live in a time when different points of view can blind accolade. Where emotional graffiti doesn’t allow us to see a beautiful portrait.

Not us.

Quite simply, Linda Milhaven will leave Scottsdale a better place for her service.  What a wonderful testament to our own Iron Lady.