No Longer 1864: Reversal of the Abortion Bill Potentially Upending Election

For a number of weeks, Arizona Republicans were extremely nervous, Democrats were furious, and the eyes of the country (sometimes even the world) were once again on Arizona, as the state Supreme Court ruled that an abortion law from all the way back in 1864 was once again the law of the land. This ruling would ensure that abortion was … Read More

The Breakdown – A Heartbeat from the 9th Floor: Secretary of State

In this week’s segment of The Breakdown, we arrive at yet another open seat, and the one that is next-in-line to the Governor’s seat, Secretary of State. And it’s because of the 9th floor that this seat is open, as former Secretary of State Katie Hobbs made the slightly surprising and gutsy (or silly, depending on how it turns out) … Read More

U.S. Congresswoman Debbie Lesko Endorses Shawnna Bolick for Secretary of State

The Arizona 8th District’s own Congresswoman Debbie Lesko announced her endorsement for my campaign by video this morning. “I’ve known Shawnna for many years, and she’s always been a strong conservative that fights for the values that have made our nation great,” said Lesko. A leader in Arizona politics, Congresswoman Lesko served in the State Senate before taking office as … Read More

Shawnna Bolick Releases First Video for Secretary of State

By Shawnna Bolick My campaign released its first video, where I call out current officials who have played politics with our elections. Imagine “what if…” we had secure elections and an SOS office open for business. “In a race filled with self-serving politicians eager to politicize the office of Secretary of State, Shawnna is the only candidate dedicated to putting … Read More

Shawnna Bolick Statement on Maricopa County Audit Results

By Arizona Representative Shawnna Bolick Today, after nine months of waiting for the report on the Arizona Senate’s audit of Maricopa County, Arizona voters got answers – and more questions. One thing was clear from the report. There are gaps and loopholes in Arizona’s election laws. These gaps must be filled and Arizona’s election laws must be brought to an … Read More

Election Integrity Under Fire in Arizona

By Shawnna Bolick Good Morning, Like many of Arizona’s voters, election integrity is on the front of many of our minds. You want voting processes that are secure, inspire confidence, ensure anonymity, and are robust and defensible against fraudulent attacks. With so much on the line in every election, criminals are motivated. Only a couple hundred of fraudulent votes can … Read More