Shawnna Bolick Releases First Video for Secretary of State

By Shawnna Bolick

My campaign released its first video, where I call out current officials who have played politics with our elections. Imagine “what if…” we had secure elections and an SOS office open for business.

“In a race filled with self-serving politicians eager to politicize the office of Secretary of State, Shawnna is the only candidate dedicated to putting Arizonans’ interests first,” said campaign spokeswoman Joanna Duka. “She supported every election integrity measure that came across her desk. Shawnna is passionate about instituting bold reforms to give voters the confidence to cast their vote.”

I then tell my Arizona story and details about my record in the legislature. I promise to check my politics, but not my principles, at the door.

You will not have to worry about me operating outside the rule of law.
Thank you for standing with me,

Shawnna Bolick