The 2024 Scottsdale State of the City Address: What You Should Expect

This Wednesday, Scottsdale Mayor Dave Ortega will be leading the 2024 iteration of the Scottsdale State of the City address. Like most State of the Union or State of the State addresses, they often follow the same general template: they are designed to tout the administration’s successes of the past year and tip the administration’s hand for the future, a … Read More

A Positive Development Comes at a Risk

It has long been spoken about on this blog and in other places the degree to which the unfettered development growth days are over with in Scottsdale. Instead, today’s ethos is leadership that requests a significantly higher bar for developers to hurdle over in order to earn a blessing from the council dais, and an engaged and active citizenry that … Read More

She’s In: Linda Milhaven Jumps Into Scottsdale Mayoral Race

She’s In Former Scottsdale City Councilwoman Linda Milhaven earlier this week filed the paperwork to officially enter the 2024 race against Mayor David Ortega. Lisa Borowsky, also a former Scottsdale City Councilwoman and Ortega’s final foe in 2020, has left little doubt that she also intends to run. Even more interesting is yet another former — thrice elected Mayor Jim … Read More

Mayor Dave Ortega and the Inevitability of his Re-Election

By Alexander Lomax It is nearly a year away from election season, and making predictions this far out is a complete fool’s errand nearly all of the time. And yet, here I am playing the fool with a strong degree of confidence: Mayor Dave Ortega is all but certain to win re-election. How can I say this so confidently? Of … Read More

Unfortunate Requests for More Unnecessary Density in Scottsdale

By Ronald Sampson There has been a concerted shift away from the development hey-days of the past in Scottsdale, when it felt as though any interesting and well-financed idea conceived by developers would make its way through the city council with relative ease. More recently traffic, crowds (i.e. population density) and construction have made activists out of everyday people, and … Read More