Blossom Rock at Superstition Vistas Unveils The First Builders For Its Majestic New East Valley Community – The Phase One Builders include Lennar Homes, David Weekley Homes, Pulte Homes, Tri Pointe Homes, and Brookfield Residential

Construction Has Already Begun with a Spring 2024 Grand Opening Expected for Brookfield Residential’s Next Great Master Planned Community Scottsdale-based Brookfield Residential is pleased to announce five of the Valley’s top homebuilders are planning and designing the first single-family homes that will be Phase One of the highly anticipated new master-planned community named Blossom Rock at Superstition Vistas. The selected … Read More

Compassion or an Invitation to Danger? Scottsdale Opens Its Doors to the Homeless

You could say many things about Scottsdale; you could say that it’s a great tourist destination, you could say that the weather is great, you could even say it’s snobby (although we tend to disagree). But one word that you rarely hear associated with Scottsdale is compassionate. Does that mean that Scottsdale is uncompassionate? Probably not, but simply more a … Read More

Pressure Mounts for the Need to Build More Apartments Now

The nearly absurd rise in housing prices which has led nearly directly to a rental crisis in Arizona is a major pressing issue that we have been on top of here at the Arizona Progress Gazette. Recent interest rate increases from the Federal Reserve have served the purpose of pumping the brakes on the economy, raising interest rates, and halting … Read More

Is This 2006 All Over Again? Valley Home Prices Tumble

Anyone who checks Zillow or even reads the news at all is almost certainly aware of the incredible rise in housing prices since the pandemic, as work-from-home policies led to an exodus of people away from high-cost areas such as California towards lower-cost areas like Arizona. However, the impact of that is that Arizona can no longer be considered a … Read More

How Big is the Multifamily Housing Issue in Scottsdale? Now We Know

If you read this blog regularly, we don’t have to tell you: the rental crisis is real, it is truly rearing its ugly head in Arizona, and while multifaceted, one of the biggest drivers of it is a shortage in supply. This is why we’ve been shouting from the rooftops about the need for additional housing supply, and there are … Read More