Guest Editorial: Banner hospital unwanted, unneeded in Scottsdale

by Shirley Wagner My relationship with HonorHealth goes back to 1977, when I started working at Scottsdale Memorial Hospital as a nuclear medicine technologist. The system has had name changes over the years, but quality patient care has always been the top priority. Physicians that practice at the hospital are innovative and forward looking. Upon retiring, I have continued my … Read More

Tidal Wave

Wow.  Just wow. Over the past several political cycles the Scottsdale City Council has taken a decided turn towards “slower growthers.”  Indeed, the body now has a clear 6-1 majority that leans in this direction. There are a variety of reasons but perhaps the biggest is the realization of the electorate that Scottsdale is indeed a pretty special place and just doesn’t … Read More

HonorHealth Goes Hard in the Paint, Says Hell No to Banner

We don’t typically focus too much on business moves on this blog, as there is so much in the local space of politics and culture. Besides, corporate battles rarely become public or are blatantly obvious in the public eye at the local level. Every once in a while, a move comes by that is such an undeniable power move to … Read More