Former Paradise Valley Mayors LeMarr and Parker: Mayor Bien-Willner Deserves Our Thanks — and Another Term

By Mayor Jerry Bien-Willner

Dear Friends,

I wanted to share with you this guest column in the Town of Paradise Valley Independent written by former mayors Scott LeMarr and Vernon Parker. I’m proud to have their support and appreciate their kind words.

By Scott LeMarr and Vernon Parker, former Mayors of Paradise Valley

As former mayors of the Town of Paradise Valley, we know the unique and often difficult challenges faced when entrusted to lead one of the finest communities in the country.

It’s incumbent on the mayor and Town Council to protect the community’s unique residential character. To promote limited but responsive government with no property tax. To ensure the safety of the residents and visitors of our community.

Over the course of the past three years, Jerry Bien-Willner has achieved and defended these priorities time and again as mayor. During the pandemic and other unwelcome events over the past several years, the tests of leadership have been extraordinary. This is a time when other communities have seen higher crime, civic unrest, great division, economic difficulties, and other negative events. Paradise Valley has not, and this is no accident.

The best leaders are the ones who listen, guide their constituents through difficult times, and make their communities better on the other side. Jerry Bien-Willner is doing just that. He has worked hard to drive the town forward on its great path, and he has kept the largest threats and problems out of our town. Jerry truly cares about the people and town he serves. He deserves our thanks for his service as a volunteer mayor — and he deserves our support for another two-year term.

During Jerry’s time as mayor, he has not only addressed every challenge that has come the town’s way, he has made our quality of life better in a number of important ways. Some examples include leading the fight against disruptive short-term rentals, and collaboratively fostering solutions to the issues facing the town with creativity, skill, and little fanfare — all while avoiding the town getting pulled into needless, divisive politics.

Jerry has ensured that new development in our community will be complimentary to our unique residential character, and he has resolved key issues with developments under construction that will allow them to proceed and benefit the entire community.

These are just a few, broad examples of Jerry’s positive impact on our town, but there are many more. We’re not completely past the hurdles of the pandemic, we never can let up on our commitment to public safety, and we know that preserving the outstanding quality of life in Paradise Valley requires ongoing commitment and great skill. There’s clearly more work to be done. We have great confidence in Jerry’s leadership, and his vision and values.

We need another two years of strong, steady leadership that works to protect Paradise Valley’s citizens and our quality of life. We are grateful to have had that leadership from Jerry, and we will be fortunate to have it for two more with the re-election of Jerry Bien-Willner as Mayor of Paradise Valley.


Thank you to Mayor LeMarr and Mayor Parker for their guidance, kind words and support, as well as the other esteemed leaders who have shown their support of my campaign. I would be honored to have your support as well in the August 2 election.  

Thank you for the privilege of serving as your Mayor.