Guest Editorial: 3 Out of 4 Ain’t Bad

By Alexander Lomax So I know that I have been known to rant quite a bit about the state of our politics here in Arizona. But with our state’s robust vaccination rates front of mind and my recent stimulus check in my back pocket, I can’t help but look ahead and be positive. And I gotta say, Arizona’s sports future … Read More

Social Media Post Of The Day

Our Social Media Post of the Day  comes from Scottsdale resident and activist  Mike Norton who fact checked a video on Mayoral candidate David Ortega. Here is a link to the video. And here is Mike’s commentary: Let me Fact Check this ad attacking David Ortega. For those who don’t want to read all of this – yes – I … Read More

Impressions on Scottsdale’s Council Candidate Debate – Part II

By Scottsdale Pinetop With early voting starting in a couple of weeks for the November 3rd General Election, the political attacks are flying more frequently. And yesterday’s city council candidate debate was no exception. Moderated by Chris Haines from Scottsdale Community College, here are key impressions and highlights: *Development, density and economic growth continues to be the #1 issue in … Read More

Finding The Creative Path and Pivoting Because of COVID

Staff Report — Jennifer Stewart knew growing up she wanted to do something creative. Her career as a photographer specializing in sports and the outdoors started after her parents bought her a Dodge Ram pickup truck in high school and she started sneaking into off-road racing events. We caught up with the Arizona-based photographer and talked to Stewart about her … Read More

Cora Phillips Defends Her Husband In New Video

By Recker McDowell — Cora Phillips, the wife of Scottsdale City Councilman Guy Phillips, has posted a video on YouTube defending her husband. Guy Phillips has been criticized for saying “I Can’t Breathe” during a rally against mask mandates. Those were also the last words used by George Floyd before he died while being restrained by Minneapolis Police. Here is … Read More

Community Spirit: On The Frontlines of COVID-19

By Recker McDowell — Natalie Lewis has seen immediate and great community needs rise out of the COVID-19 pandemic. Lewis, who is assistant city manager for the city of Mesa, said her East Valley city had to move fast to address needs of residents in need of food, small businesses needing help with rent and vulnerable residents including seniors and … Read More

Virginia Korte: Masks, Just Wear It

By Virginia Korte — Mayor Lane issued an emergency proclamation that “requires people to cover their nose and mouth in most public areas with some exceptions…:”  To learn more about Scottsdale’s mandate to wear masks go to: This proclamation expires on July 20, 2020. When we come together as a community, we agree to abide by a social contract … Read More

Community Heroes: Partners for Paiute Navigates COVID-19, Neighborhood Needs

By Recker McDowell — For Lynn Whitman and others involved with the Partners for Paiute community and nonprofit group in Scottsdale, COVID-19 and all its impacts have hit fundraising and prompted some quick pivots. “We canceled our annual fundraiser which basically is our most significant fundraiser,“ said Whitman, who is president of the Partners for Paiute board of directors. Partners … Read More

Durham and Janik: A Proposal for Reforming Scottsdale’s Ethics Code

By Tom Durham and Betty Janik — The Scottsdale Ethics Code has been in the news lately, largely due to the ethics complaint filed against Council member Guy Phillips. On May 5, 2020 a panel of three independent judges (the “Ethics Panel”) held that Mr. Phillips had not committed any ethical violations. At the May 19 meeting of the City Council, the … Read More