How Big is the Multifamily Housing Issue in Scottsdale? Now We Know

If you read this blog regularly, we don’t have to tell you: the rental crisis is real, it is truly rearing its ugly head in Arizona, and while multifaceted, one of the biggest drivers of it is a shortage in supply. This is why we’ve been shouting from the rooftops about the need for additional housing supply, and there are … Read More

The NIMBY’s Actually Lost a Battle in Scottsdale: How Positive of a Sign Is This?

We have griped quite a bit about the Council of No in Scottsdale and the sacrifice of reasonable growth for the holy grail of perfect developments; letting perfect be the enemy of good, in essence. So imagine our very deep surprise when a mixed-use development passed through the Council recently! What looks to be an intriguing mixed-use project near Marshall … Read More

The Way of the Future? Scottsdale Couple Ties the Knot in the Metaverse

Much has been said about the future of technology, and questions about where we go from here. The metaverse is considered by many to be the future of tech; essentially virtual or augmented reality spaces where you can meet up with friends like you would have in message boards in the ‘90’s and social media today. A local law firm … Read More

AZ Dems are Dying to Give Up High Ground on Education

By Alexander Lomax Education has been a significant hot-button issue here in Arizona for a few election cycles, and for good reason. Our schools have long been underfunded, the student-to-teacher ratio is abysmal, and because this has all happened under a Republican-led legislature, it has long been a talking point that has resonated to the benefit of Democratic candidates for … Read More

Guest Editorial: 3 Out of 4 Ain’t Bad

By Alexander Lomax So I know that I have been known to rant quite a bit about the state of our politics here in Arizona. But with our state’s robust vaccination rates front of mind and my recent stimulus check in my back pocket, I can’t help but look ahead and be positive. And I gotta say, Arizona’s sports future … Read More