Be Like Bill: Here’s To More Wisdom In The GOP

As we are about to enter the 2014 campaign season television advertisements and flyers will flood mailboxes and airwaves. They will emphasize many words and messages. But nary a one will tout “wisdom.” They should. Allow us to explain using the example of Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery. Readers are surely familiar with former Maricopa County Andy Thomas’ travails. And … Read More

Crickets From Critics In Scottsdale

Every community has critics. And that’s a good thing, especially in an age of a declining fourth estate. Their eyes, ears and energy can be just what’s needed to shine a light into some darker places. But in Scottsdale activism has become its own art form, its own sport. While there are certainly problems in one of America’s best cities … Read More

What Might Have Been In Tempe

As the hand wringing continues about Glendale’s investment in sports facilities there is an untold story of how the first domino in the form of a hockey arena might never have come to be.  It’s a fascinating tale and one that would have taken a slice of Valley history through a different sliding door. Following not one but two landslide … Read More

Is Scottsdale Ever Going To Do Anything About The Poaching Of Its Name? Can They?

If the City of Scottsdale was a private company it would have, and should have, sued numerous companies and cities for violating its intellectual property. Because “Scottsdale” is a notable brand many others have appropriated it. Consider the concentration of automobile dealers along Scottsdale Road near the Loop 101.  Their edifices even tout “North Scottsdale.”  Yet, that side of the … Read More

Hey Phoenix Mayor Stanton: What’s With “Squaw Peak Drive?”

Fallen American solider Lori Piestewa was, is, and will always be a hero.  Period. She deserves to have any mountain named after her in Arizona. But about a decade ago renaming Phoenix landmark Squaw Peak wasn’t just about honoring Ms. Piestewa.  It was about eliminating the name “squaw,” a derogatory term to most if not all Native Americans. It became … Read More

The Milwaukee Brewers Go To Scottsdale?

The late and legendary former Mayor of Scottsdale Herb Drinkwater decades ago dreamt what has indeed become true:  the WestWorld of Scottsdale area has become an epicenter for Valley activity. Drinkwater lured the Phoenix Open to former boondocker country from comfy country club confines, and then convinced Barrett-Jackson to go north too. Now, the country’s largest golf tournament, car auction … Read More

A Secret of Chandler, Arizona’s Economic Development Success

The business story of Chandler, Arizona over the past couple of decades is a compelling one.  Big jobs at big (and small) technology companies. There are many explanations for the city’s success.  But there is one not often discussed. It’s spelled A-P-S, as in Arizona Public Service. The company’s avaricious attitude toward rooftop solar over the past year has been … Read More

Chicago Cubs, Mesa Mayor Scott Smith & Arizona GOP Primary Politics

The Chicago Cubs are unquestionably the crown jewel of the Cactus League, and all that spring training means economically to our state. But will the Cubs be an asset or liability in the 2014 Republican primary contest for Governor? A little history first. Following the 1992 elections then Congressman Jon Kyl opted to run for the United States Senate, creating … Read More

Scandal, Bad Precedent Brewing In Peoria, Arizona?

So the City of Peoria wants neighboring Glendale to allow a new Indian gaming casino within its boundaries because it will create a lot of new jobs for the area.  But it doesn’t want to allow an aspiring business park, also in Glendale to put up outdoor billboards along the 101, to help do the same?  This isn’t an opinion … Read More