We Told You So

It looks like Tom Simon’s criminal tendencies have returned prompting his apparent dismissal as the spokesman for the flailing efforts to stop the revitalization of the former Chinese Cultural Center in Phoenix.

For months we have opined about the criminal background of Thomas Simon. Here is link to one of the articles that outlines a long list of felonies from years ago.


According to court records he was accused July 2nd of this year in Scottsdale of unlawful imprisonment, unlawful distribution of images depicting nudity or sex, unlawful intent for lewd electronic communications, and disorderly conduct/disruptive behavior or fighting. 

He took a plea deal and pled guilty to the disorderly conduct/fighting charge.

Simon tried to spin his dismissal. He claimed he resigned from the campaign.  He sent the media this message on July 14:
“Effective immediately I’m removing my request that LirongHuang be excluded from the Chinese Cultural Center.  I am withdrawing the court order keeping her from visiting the Center.  Also, effective immediately I am resigning my post as Spokesman for CUAGP Chinese United.  I bid you all farewell and wish you best of luck.   May God be with you and LirongHuang and may God see fit to Save the Chinese Cultural Center.    —Tom Simon Official Spokesman Chinese United.”

Actually, he was canned. Representatives of the campaign sent the media this message July 14th as well.

 This is not the first time that Mr. Simon has issued a widecastmessage without appropriate preliminary consultation.  Fortunately, this occasion is brief/to the point.  Technically it is correct to title it a resignation in a timely manner prior to a necessity for public announcement, which this email of his conveniently and necessarily requires. 
As of its regular July 2018 meeting on the 12th the Board of Directors of Chinese United Association of Greater Phoenix, which Mr. Simon referenced in his Subject Line, by a unanimous decision of the Board, the Media Services Contract with Mr. Simon will expire unrenewed as of its fixed date of July 15 — for cause. If anyone has inquiry on this matter, I may be contacted as indicated below. M. Cheak Yee  
English Secretary”

FYI the docket also shows Simon missed a court date July 17th. Stay tuned and good riddance but as with Simon bizarrely being involved in the first place
with this issue we wonder if there is more to this story.