A Scottsdale Giant Gets His Due: Don Carson

The Cactus League gives us all a chance to get out in the sun before it gets too warm, to have a few brews and check out some baseball with friends and family. Every once in a while it also offers a few surprises, such as an opportunity to recognize a local icon and his contributions to the area. The … Read More

Is Low Growth Here to Stay in Scottsdale?

It has been no secret that the current make-up of the Scottsdale City Council has been what could be called “growth hesitant”; that there is a concerted effort to focus on what are deemed to be unimpeachably high-quality projects to the detriment of overall growth. We have labeled them “the Council of No” before, where they sometimes seem to look … Read More

Breaking News: Letter to Mayor and Scottsdale City Council – Proposed Changes to Zoning Ordinances

From the Goldwater Institute Mayor David D. Ortega & Scottsdale City Council Members City of Scottsdale 3939 North Drinkwater Blvd. Scottsdale, AZ 85251 Re: Proposed Changes to Zoning Ordinance Dear Mayor Ortega and Members of the Scottsdale City Council: As an organization dedicated to the protection of private property rights, we are writing to express our concern with respect to … Read More

One Ortega Disgraces Scottsdale: Will the Other Get Penalized as a Result?

For not actually hosting the game, the city of Scottsdale had an incredible amount of national attention last week. Between our fantastic restaurants and nightlife, the convergence of the WM Open, and the general infrastructure to entertain tens of thousands of tourists, the global media complex descended on our fair city. It was brilliant, save for one black eye… You … Read More

The Scottsdale State of the City Address: What Can We Glean From Mayor Ortega?

Any political observer is well accustomed to State of the Union addresses from presidents, and many observers are also aware of State of the State addresses from governors. But we also recently had a State of the City address from Scottsdale Mayor David Ortega, and since it is the first such address since the most recent city council elections, this … Read More

A Scottsdale Institution Puts Insight On The Menu

Most readers have heard of or been to AZ88, a local eatery of artistic and culinary ingenuity and reliability near Scottsdale City Hall.  But during a recent visit it wasn’t either of those attributes that caught our attention.  Instead, it was an observation by the restaurant’s long-time General Manager.  When asked how business was going he said “terrific.” Why? We queried as such. … Read More

Guest Editorial: Scottsdale Club Policy Produces Calls of Discrimination – Does Old Town Have a Race Problem?

By Alexander Lomax APG readers almost certainly are aware of the brilliant nightlife that Scottsdale, and more specifically Old Town, offers both residents and tourists. We would like to think that said nightlife both walks the line between debauched and out-of-control (although recent spats of violence imply that maybe that line hasn’t been walked too effectively). One topic that is … Read More