The NIMBY’s Actually Lost a Battle in Scottsdale: How Positive of a Sign Is This?

We have griped quite a bit about the Council of No in Scottsdale and the sacrifice of reasonable growth for the holy grail of perfect developments; letting perfect be the enemy of good, in essence. So imagine our very deep surprise when a mixed-use development passed through the Council recently! What looks to be an intriguing mixed-use project near Marshall … Read More

Guest Editorial: The Problem with Extremism

By Councilwoman Betty Janik Extremism was once considered an ideology, a belief system, outside of the common sense attitudes of society.  Unfortunately, it now seems to be the norm.  With the constant news stream of outrageous commentary, we are tempted to believe what we hear and frequently what we are shown.  Social media has been used effectively to promote extremist positions … Read More

AZ Legislators Again Try to Address Housing Issues, but It’s Simple: Build More

We have spoken frequently about the issues of high rent in the region, and the need for more housing options. The extreme bill that was introduced into the legislature that would have nullified city and town zoning capabilities died a swift death. That said, the legislature is still trying to resolve an issue that they shouldn’t need to address. One … Read More

Assisted Living Care Rezone Hits Snag in Planning Committee – Another Example of Anti-Growth Policies?

We have spoken frequently about the lack of affordable housing and Scottsdale leadership’s refusal to rectify the problem. However, it seems as though this issue is manifesting itself in ways other than NIMBYism and no movement on potential developments. In a recent case, even an assisted living center is finding the pathway difficult. A recent application near the intersection of … Read More

Guest Editorial: Solange Whitehead is Part of the Problem

By Larry Kush Three years ago on February 28th 2019, I had coffee with newly elected Scottsdale councilwoman Solange Whitehead to discuss her position on housing. Solange told me of her commitment to help alleviate the homeless problem and how she was an strong advocate for affordable housing. Over the next 3 years, Solange then proceeded to oppose nearly every … Read More

Guest Editorial: Solving the Housing Crisis By Stopping NIMBYs

By Ronald Sampson Economics is a complex subject, but some aspects of it are incredibly simple. For instance, supply and demand; when supply is low and demand is high, prices will move higher. Alternatively, when you increase supply, prices drop. And with housing prices surging to incredible highs in the Valley, it seems fairly common-sense that one good way to … Read More