Finally…A Resolution to the Rio Verde Foothills Water Crisis. For Now.

What an incredibly tumultuous six months it has been for the residents of the Rio Verde Foothills and their pursuit of secured water supply; you can get fully up to date here. After a few head fakes and potential resolutions, it looks like finally a solution is in place. Governor Katie Hobbs is widely assumed to sign into law HB … Read More

Guest Editorial: Rep. Kolodin Should Stick to Water Issues

By Ronald Sampson Ahhhh, Representative Alex Kolodin…sometimes he shows so much promise, and sometimes he clearly can’t get out of his own way, compelled to foolishness by some unknown forces, some dark angel of conspiracy that convinces him to keep pushing into an abyss. He’s gotten attention a few times this year (get up to date here), and it’s not … Read More