Arizona Born Musical “Ghost Of John McCain” Makes Its Off-Broadway Debut September 3rd With Opening Night September 24th

Running Labor Day Through Election Day, The Show Features John McCain’s Ascent into the Wild Psyche of Donald Trump’s Brain Along With a Bevy of Historical Icons Taking the Stage at Soho Playhouse in New York Arizona’s Quixote Productions, founded by political strategist and public relations executive Jason Rose, in conjunction with long-time John McCain consultant and public affairs executive Max Fose, eagerly awaits … Read More

Ruben Gallego Out-Pivoting Kari Lake and Muscling Her Out of the Middle

By Alexander Lomax Typically in political campaigns that have both a contested primary election and a contentious general election, there exists the time-honored tradition of the Pivot: each candidate will play to the wings of their party in order to win the primary, and then move towards the center for the general election in order to appeal to a wider … Read More