Arizona Born Musical “Ghost Of John McCain” Makes Its Off-Broadway Debut September 3rd With Opening Night September 24th

Running Labor Day Through Election Day, The Show Features John McCain’s Ascent into the Wild Psyche of Donald Trump’s Brain Along With a Bevy of Historical Icons Taking the Stage at Soho Playhouse in New York

Arizona’s Quixote Productions, founded by political strategist and public relations executive Jason Rose, in conjunction with long-time John McCain consultant and public affairs executive Max Fose, eagerly awaits the World Premiere of the side-splitting uproarious new musical, Ghost of John McCain at the Soho Playhouse in New York City.

Previews for the Off-Broadway musical will begin Tuesday, September 3rd, 2024, with Opening Night slated for Tuesday, September 24th. Production of this astonishingly relevant work will run through Election Day, November 5th, 2024.

“I think John McCain would laugh his tail off seeing this musical. As a student of history, I believe he would appreciate the conflict between two historic men – McCain himself and Former President Trump, and how the cast in this performance come together to outrageously debate who is at fault for the state of our politics, America’s values and a direction for our country,” said Fose.

The Phoenix resident is co-producing the work alongside Arizona Businesswoman Lynn Londen and Paradise Valley Resident Jason Rose.

“Americans are sick of our politics and laughter is just what the doctor ordered. It’s easy to imagine Senator McCain being glad for a night of side-splitting political comedy. The beauty of Ghost of John McCain is that it pays tribute to him as well,” said Londen.

With a book by Scott Elmegreen, music and lyrics by Drew Fornarola, and direction by Catie Davis, Ghost of John McCain thrusts the late Senator into an afterlife he never expected when he finds that “heaven” is inside Trump’s brain. An uproarious exploration of power, rivalry, and the human condition, Ghost of John McCain is the ticket we need during the election cycle from hell.

“Wild times call for wild theater. The volume of current events in America is already pushed to 11. It’s thrilling to work with a creative and producing team that’s game to crank it up to 16,” said Author Scott Elmegreen.

Located in lower Manhattan, the Soho Playhouse is built on the site of Aaron Burr’s Richmond Hill Estate, across the river from where a pair of political rivals, Burr and Hamilton, etched their story into history. Ghost of John McCain will bring to the stage the dynamic between a modern pair of political juggernauts. One from Arizona, and one from New York.

“I’ve had so much fun working on this collaboration between the New York and Phoenix theatrical communities. We aimed to create something that is hilarious and entertaining, but also thought provoking and unique. We’re so excited to be able to share it in one of New York’s great historic venues,” said Playwright Drew Fornarola.

Co-conceived by Rose and the late former Arizona Attorney Grant Woods the musical takes audiences on a journey into the afterlife, where Senator John McCain finds himself trapped inside the mind of none other than former President Donald Trump.

While it’s not the Inferno, like Dante, McCain meets a “Greek Chorus” of iconic figures also trapped inside the President’s brain including Hillary Clinton, Roy Cohn, Eva Peron, Teddy Roosevelt, Robert Jordan, Kanye West, Grizabella from Cats, and Lindsey Graham. Together they rebel and regale the President’s relentless demands for affirmation, offering a satirical yet serious statement on the state of America.

“There couldn’t be a better time or place than a presidential year Off-Broadway for this surreal show to debut,” said Co-Producer Jason Rose of Quixote Productions, “Now more than ever Arizona has taken center stage in national politics. Ghost of John McCain stands as an evergreen story of the effect one man can have on the American landscape, so much that he still lives on inside the brain of one of the most controversial and powerful men in the world. This is a show that within one act generates laughter, reflection and tears.”

Casting for Ghost of John McCain has already started and cast announcements are expected in the coming weeks.

“We’re in the process of assembling an incredible group of actors from Broadway and beyond for this premier production. Across the cast and creative team, the artists involved see the necessity of theater that both entertains and contributes to the political conversation of this critical election year,” said Director Catie Davis.

Tickets are now available for purchase at or by calling (212) 692-1555 beginning at 3pm each day.