Ironwood 92 is Back with Changes – What Happened?

We all could use a second chance or two in life. Often times when a development project is deemed insufficient within city councils, they don’t often get a good second chance. The cost of starting from scratch or making the changes necessary to please those in charge is too high and simply not worth it. We have written about Ironwood … Read More

The Council of No Strikes Again – Ironwood 92 Forced to Withdraw

We had high hopes for Ironwood 92: a well thought out development that would have provided affordable housing for healthcare workers and helped drive down rent prices by increasing supply. We had high hopes, but they were dashed by the Council of No. Last week, the developers of Ironwood 92 asked for a simple continuance to help ensure that their … Read More

Allies, Alignment & Alexander

Once upon a time Jason Alexander and Solange Whitehead were allies.  They worked smartly and effectively on the same team to defeat the ill-conceived Desert Discovery Center a few years back.  In many ways Alexander’s indefatigable leadership paved the way for Whitehead’s election in 2018. But a split has developed between the two, largely on policy lines.  This recent Facebook exchange about a … Read More