Vestar Selected as Property Manager for the Retail Component of Arizona’s Largest Urban Commercial Development

The Novus Innovation Corridor is a 12 million-square-feet mixed-use development located in the heart of Tempe Vestar — one of the leading privately held shopping center owners and managers in the western United States- announced today, that they have been selected as the primary property manager for the hospitality district within Novus Innovation Corridor, ‘Novus’. The groundbreaking 355-acre project is … Read More

Blossom Rock at Superstition Vistas Unveils The First Builders For Its Majestic New East Valley Community – The Phase One Builders include Lennar Homes, David Weekley Homes, Pulte Homes, Tri Pointe Homes, and Brookfield Residential

Construction Has Already Begun with a Spring 2024 Grand Opening Expected for Brookfield Residential’s Next Great Master Planned Community Scottsdale-based Brookfield Residential is pleased to announce five of the Valley’s top homebuilders are planning and designing the first single-family homes that will be Phase One of the highly anticipated new master-planned community named Blossom Rock at Superstition Vistas. The selected … Read More

Another Piece of History Dies at the Altar of “Progress”

The word “progress” denotes moving forward by its very nature. While it takes on different meanings for different things, at its core it generally means leaving something behind in the past for something in the future that is ostensibly better. But sometimes the word is used too loosely; not everything old needs to be updated, and not everything new adds … Read More

An Ambitious Development Project Planned for Scottsdale: Will It Make It Through the City Council Gauntlet?

The Scottsdale city council took a strong turn away from growth and development-focused dais under Mayor Lane to a rather development-hesitant one under Mayor Ortega starting in 2020. Many projects have failed to secure the needed votes to come to fruition, frustrating numerous developers and other professionals involved. So a new proposed project raised both eyebrows for its ambition and … Read More

The Winds of Change: Regulation is Now in Fashion in Scottsdale

My ohhh my, what a change only a handful of years can make. It wasn’t too long ago that a Jim Lane-led Scottsdale embraced development and growth. It would seem that the pendulum has swung and swung hard in the other direction. In a 6-1 vote, the Scottsdale city council recently voted to adopt a series of international green building … Read More

Scottsdale with Green Building Mandates? Is This the Scottsdale We Want?

Photo Credit: Rose Law GroupAhhhh, Scottsdale: the city of beautiful people, great nightlife, fantastic golf and leisure, and…strict environmental building codes. Wait, what? Yes, it is true: Scottsdale will become the first city in the state to mandate new “green building codes” to ensure more environmentally friendly materials are used, energy efficiency is emphasized, and water usage is reduced. These … Read More

Pressure Mounts for the Need to Build More Apartments Now

The nearly absurd rise in housing prices which has led nearly directly to a rental crisis in Arizona is a major pressing issue that we have been on top of here at the Arizona Progress Gazette. Recent interest rate increases from the Federal Reserve have served the purpose of pumping the brakes on the economy, raising interest rates, and halting … Read More