Not the Headlines Banner Health Needs: Controversy Continues to Follow Them

Regular readers are likely aware of the Banner Health saga here in Scottsdale, but for those who are not…the synopsis is that Banner Health is attempting to build a large hospital complex in North Scottsdale, in an area that is already well serviced by existing hospital facilities. It has little community support for the project and has gotten significant heat … Read More

Flagstaff Elections Send a Direct Warning to Banner Health in Scottsdale

Regular readers know of the saga playing out in Scottsdale with Banner Health; they are attempting to shoehorn in an unnecessary hospital in order to supposedly address a non-existent need in the face of largely non-existent public support. But in what is a gigantic shot across the bow in a similar situation elsewhere in the state, public support seems to … Read More

Where Have You Gone, Banner Health?

Regular readers likely know about the Banner Health controversy (if not, you can get up to date here). In short, Banner Health is attempting to put a hospital facility in north Scottsdale, an area well-served by existing healthcare facilities already, a facility that no one at all was clamoring for. A battle was sure to be on its plate; this … Read More

Why is Banner Health Looking to Short-Change Arizona? A Story of Zoning Chicanery

The world of zoning rules and regulations can be arcane, byzantine, and frankly…boring. That said, there are times when it truly matters, as it can impact quality of life both locally and for the entire state. A couple of recent developments demonstrate exactly how, and how some of our potential business neighbors may not be the best of neighbors. A … Read More

Creepiness Alert: The Patch May Be Collecting and Selling Your Information Under the Guise of News…and Banner Health is Sponsoring it in Scottsdale

Articles from The Patch have been everywhere recently; for those who haven’t seen them, they are positioning themselves as a news aggregator that sells themselves as a hyper-local news source. They are aggressively using the Nextdoor app in order to get their stories out to a wider audience. No issues there…at the Arizona Progress & Gazette, we also consider ourselves … Read More

Tidal Wave

Wow.  Just wow. Over the past several political cycles the Scottsdale City Council has taken a decided turn towards “slower growthers.”  Indeed, the body now has a clear 6-1 majority that leans in this direction. There are a variety of reasons but perhaps the biggest is the realization of the electorate that Scottsdale is indeed a pretty special place and just doesn’t … Read More

HonorHealth Goes Hard in the Paint, Says Hell No to Banner

We don’t typically focus too much on business moves on this blog, as there is so much in the local space of politics and culture. Besides, corporate battles rarely become public or are blatantly obvious in the public eye at the local level. Every once in a while, a move comes by that is such an undeniable power move to … Read More