Who is the Real Kari Lake?

By Alexander Lomax Moderating one’s self is a time-honored tradition in politics; candidates will typically position themselves more towards a political wing in order to win a primary election, and then move towards the middle for the general election. But Kari Lake has routinely broken any normal conventions in her brief time in politics, and this is no different. Lake … Read More

Remembering a Local GOP Icon

Scottsdale resident Barbara Espinosa recently passed away at the age of 86. That name may not mean anything to some readers, but her impact was a significant one. She left an imprint that you absolutely have seen, even if the name doesn’t ring any bells. Espinosa was an icon in local GOP politics: a disruptor, a thought leader, and an … Read More

An Unforced Error by Governor Hobbs, Potentially a Lesson Learned

If you read us regularly, you know that it has been a wild ride condensed into less than a year for Governor Katie Hobbs, full of slip ups, power moves, falls and redemptions (get the full scoop here). One thing that has been certain is that the Arizona GOP is looking for any opportunity to nail her administration against the … Read More

AZ Congressional District 8 Republican Primary Poll: Blake Masters With Strong Support Early

Data Orbital is pleased to announce the results of its latest mixed-mode survey of likely 2024 Republican Primary Election Voters in Arizona’s 8th Congressional District. The survey was conducted from October 19th to 21st. The survey measured support for potential candidates in Arizona’s 8th District Republican Primary, following the announcement from Congresswomen Debbie Lesko that she is not seeking reelection. … Read More

Can Republicans Keep Criticism of Governor Hobbs to Reasonable Items?

By Ronald Sampson It’s been a rough time for Governor Katie Hobbs. I’ve been plenty willing to levy complaints about her for a few different reasons starting with her campaign (especially her unwillingness to debate) and continuing into her initial inability to delegate responsibility effectively (read all the good and the bad here). She has earned plenty of legitimate criticism…which … Read More

The End of an Era: Seeing Red AZ is Taking a Step Back

Arizona has long been an interesting place to write about politics; we should know, most of our best read pieces have been chronicling the ups, downs and sometimes utter insanity of the politics of this state. Considering how important our state has been on the national political scene, we have had relatively few high quality bloggers who cover that beat. … Read More