Smoke Tree Redevelopment Off to a Great Start

Paradise Valley has earned the reputation of one of the best places to live in the entire country for numerous reasons: between its unique zoning rules, its natural beauty and its incredibly successful residents, it is truly special. Yet it does have one relatively glaring eyesore (using that phrase very liberally): the Smoke Tree Resort.

The Smoke Tree Resort was a holdover from the start of Arizona’s rise to prominence, a once-luxurious resort originally built in 1954 that did not adjust with the modernization of our state. After the people who most recently owned it ran into financial difficulties and declared bankruptcy, it sat empty and began to decay…until one firm saw the intrinsic value.

Enter Walton Global: they recently submitted an application to redevelop the property which they purchased last year, and there is palpably positive momentum for their plans. They include two new dining experiences, boutique guest rooms, five guest casitas with private plunge pools, shaded pedestrian-focused spaces and underground parking.

Also notable is what those plans do not include: they do not include rooftop bars, excessive height and density, and other trappings of more trendy developments. In a town that centers itself around preserving its quality of life, this bodes very well for it. That it did not try to strive to be something big, bright and shiny, because that would simply not be a good fit for the town. Thanks go to local architects Allen-Philip who have done a commendable job of designing something that makes sense for PV, an unusual yet special town where a W Hotel would not be a good fit.

And so far, it appears that the people of the town as well as the town council appreciate that. Instead of bowling into town and making the hard pitch to everyone, they didn’t need to. It’s a value-adding project that is a major upgrade to what is there currently.