Scottsdale is for Lovers? Apparently, According to New Top 10 List

We know that Scottsdale is a great place to retire, raise a family, golf or party. You may have never thought of it as an ideal place for a romantic getaway for couples, but apparently we also rank highly for that, at least according to a new survey.

CuddleNest, a website that appears to be a travel deal website focused on couples, recently put together a top 10 list of the most romantic getaway destinations in the United States, and wouldn’t you know it, our fair city takes one of the top 10 spots. Ranked right there alongside NYC, Maui, the Florida Keys and wine county in California, Scottsdale has some elite company in this piece and it should be seen as an honor. In this case, the write-up focuses heavily on two items: the natural scenery and spas.

We certainly can’t disagree: we do have some great natural scenery and some great spas. But including hiking as a romantic endeavor is perhaps a bit odd; perhaps in the cooler winter months that makes sense, but heavy sweating in 90 degree heat doesn’t exactly bring romance front-and-center to our minds. And spas are great, but it strikes me as something that is more a solo endeavor for the female partner while the guy goes golfing or watches a spring training game.

Is it a great place for a romantic getaway? Absolutely. Scottsdale is a great place for many themed getaways. But there must be better ways to exemplify that truth than sweat and pedicures.

Consider the amazing restaurants that we have…plenty of great opportunities for candlelit dinners with great service. How about our amazing hotels? There almost certainly are de facto honeymoon suites that just scream luxurious romance. Shoot, you can even ride a gondola at the Hyatt Regency!

Sure, we’ll take the accolades wherever they come from and in whatever form they come in. Scottsdale is an amazing place for everyone, and there is something to be found regardless of your intent and interest. If you and your partner find the physical exhaustion from climbing Camelback Mountain sexy, and if mutual waxing sessions really spin your love turbines, than so be it. But it doesn’t feel like the best representation of why you and your loved one need to spend a weekend here to recharge your passion.