As Scottsdale voters contemplate Question 1 on the November 6th ballot, a measure that would generate new funds to repair, improve and expand local roadways, we have a question to ask of our readers.  Normally we opine. This time we seek input.
We have written previously of the spiteful opposition engineered by local realtor Scott Jarson to a notable and important project called Museum Square. You can read about their enmity here and here. Jarson, along with his wife Debbie is one part of Jarson and Jarson Real Estate.  Museum Square would replace an empty transit station at the southern edge of downtown Scottsdale.  Importantly, the sale of the city property would generate nearly $30 million for Scottsdale.  Unlike Question 1 it would come courtesy of the private sector rather than taxpayers.  Some of the $30 million will be used to aid the nearby Stagebrush Theater, Museum of the West and be available to help the city’s police, fire, parks and other programs and needs.  That’s why the Scottsdale City Council is unanimously supportive of the notion, and Museum Square has received backing from the Scottsdale Gallery Association, Scottsdale Firefighter’s Association, Museum of the West and Stagebrush, among others.
In one of our previous editorials we observed that the Jarsons once represented the company behind Museum Square for a good period of time.  Ultimately, they were let go and now seem to have motives that are anything but civic.  As a result, it occurred to us that if the Jarsons were lawyers they might be in violation of State Bar (the body that governs attorneys) policies which prevent lawyers from contesting former clients in certain circumstances.
Realtors have their own ethics requirements if they are a member of the Arizona Association Realtors or licensed by the Arizona Department of Real Estate.  We assume the Jarsons are.  If so, does any realtor reading know if the Jarsons have violated Article 1, Article 2 or perhaps Article 11 of the ethics policy?  Any and all thoughts would be appreciated.  Please let us know by email at