Next Mann Up

The cast of characters associated with opposing the revitalization of the former Chinese Cultural Center in Phoenix not only has a sketchy relationship with reality, they have a sketchy relationship with the law.  
You may remember the group’s spokesman Tom Simon. He had a long list of felonies to his name and did prison time before he was hired by revitalization opponents. His antics were damaging and crude. He was eventually let go after he was busted over the summer by Scottsdale Police accused of unlawful imprisonment and threatening to distribute lewd images. He pled guilty to disorderly conduct. You can read about it here.
But this colorful cast of characters doesn’t end with Simon, bringing us to the next Mann up. Elizabeth Mann.
Earlier this month Phoenix Police were called after Mann and a small band of picketers were trespassing at the site of the former center. It is private property.
Mann and company made a dash for a Chinese restaurant at the site. The police told them unless they are eating at the restaurant, they are trespassing.  The police report says Mann was hostile and at first refused to give the officer her name. She eventually relented.
Like Tom Simon, Mann has an interesting history.
 Ms. Mann’s business was once involved in an FBI raid for securities fraud after complaints from the Chinese community involving the Phoenix Mart project near Casa Grande.
FBI raids PhoenixMart HQ in Kierland with securities fraud investigation
Phoenix Business Journal November 19, 2015
The New York Times and the Associated Press have also written about Ms. Mann’s past controversies including those involving public officials.
Chinese officials’ visit intensifies interest in Phoenix firm
Tucson Citizen Associated Press report October 15, 1999
Essay; Those Chinese Agents
New York Times William Safire Column October 7, 1999
Simon’s departure seemingly left a void of peculiar behavior.  But then it didn’t. Not when you have the next Mann up.