In Defense Of Virginia Korte

It might seem odd for us to opine about the leader of opposition to a Scottsdale measure we enthusiastically support.  But not all opponents are or should be considered untoward, especially if their heritage outflanks most everyone involved in the debate.
We speak of Proposition 420, as we have many times.  It deserves support for all the reasons we, and  many others have stated.  Click here  or here for some recent examples.
Scottsdale City Councilwoman Virginia Korte disagrees with these positions, strongly. She is leading the funded opposition to Proposition 420 because she says the measure is crafted poorly with unintended consequences.  She also believes, as she has for years, that the proposed Desert Discovery Center could be good for Scottsdale.
Again, we disagree but it’s not as if Korte’s positions are exotic. 
Perhaps it is the after effects and message of Senator McCain’s services that have made us a more kinder and gentler . . .in certain areas.  As the debate around Proposition 420 winds down or is perhaps just getting started, a debate that is the city’s most roiling since the Los Arcos hockey arena one in 1999, we need to remember it was the Kortes and even Campanas of the world that allow us our luxury of complaint today.
McDowell Mountain preservation was not always the sacrosanct issue it is now.  Once upon a time there was a lot of opposition to the notion.  And it took the spine of Drinkwaters, Carlas, Raus as well as Kortes and Campanas to get the landmark measure passed.  It’s true that other pioneers in that group like Manross and DeCabooter support Proposition 420.
While we hope Korte’s current efforts fail, she deserves to be complimented for her previous leadership, without which we wouldn’t be having this First World problem of local logomachy.